Vegips (ベジップス)

As an effort to fit health into the lifestyle of the mass, vegetables need to find a new place and shape on the shelf. One of the mainstream change that we have seen recently all around the world is in the form of vegetable chips.

However, here is the point where one needs to pay special attention to, especially if one is trying to use that as a substitute snack while “dieting”. It is not meant to be a healthier version of potato chips as the media is trying to make us believe. Yes, veggie chips can be better, but that’s in case they are “baked” and not “fried” with oil. The latter would not make any difference with mere potato chips.

In Japan, similarly, there has been a new wave of “new potato chips” snacks evoked by the famous snack company that I’m sure you all have heard of – Calbee. They launched “VEGIPS”!!


On the left is made from the onion, pumpkin, and potato VS the right side made of sweet potato and pumpkin.

This is the photo captured from the Calbee website and I’m pretty impressed about how straightforward and open they are about the nutrition label. This, to a certain degree, shows that they have confidence in the healthiness of their products.

The three points that they raised as the “kotowari” or we can say in the business term “selling points” are:
1. original way of processing the chips: the natural shape of the veggies remained, leaving a unique texture and the original flavor of the veggies.
2. there’s no other additives apart from salt.
3. the whole process from planting the seeds to final stage is kept under control, so you can be sure of safety.

Personally, I think this is a very good effort. The fat content is about 10 grams which is about half of the normal potato chips. The sodium is not high either. As an afternoon snack, the total calories are less than 200 kcal so it is still okay, given that one doesn’t have huge servings of pizza or unlimited buffet for lunch. The fiber, for the green package varies from 1.6 grams to 3 grams. (by the way, I hate it when they do this…not telling us exactly how much it is, left us guessing lol) and the right is about 2.8 grams. They claim that this is considered “high fiber”. (written so on the package)


Verdict: is an OKAY choice but still, having this leaves you less room for other food if you plan to have a high-calorie dinner on the same day. I have a better choice in mind that I would go for when I feel a need for crunch though. That, I will tell in the later post! 😉


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