Onion Chips! (オニオンチップス)

Talking about crunchy chips, onions may not be on your top of the list. But listen here, I have a really awesomely tasty onion chips to recommend!!! You can definitely find it in big supermarkets such as Seijo-ishii (成城石井)or Precce. It actually received many awards and was featured on tv programs as well. So..yes…you can be sure it’s damn delicious and cruncy and packed with flavor that will leave you asking for more. It comes with 3 flavors: salt; curry; and black pepper. LOVE all of them! The reason I love is not only because of its flavor only but because it is a very healthy choice!

Here is the website: http://www.m-awaji.jp/onion/

“Awaji shima Onion Kitchen” is the manufacturer of this product. You’ll  find “Oni-Kitch” written on the package.

The company did a very good job managing the distribution channels. It is widely sold online and received a lot of boost from a website like Rakuten.

Now, let’s move on to its nutritious label…Each package contains about 70 kcal and 3 grams of fat. When I saw these numbers for the first time, there was no hesitation and I tried it instantly. I’m telling you….it’s pure indulgence. Because the chips are real onions, the smell is irresistibly sweet and the powder the covers them give a real kick in your tongue.

To be fair, the package is not big. If you’re familiar with eating a big bag of potato chips, you might not find this small snack satisfying. But I would say it can certainly hold up to the standard in terms of taste. Besides, isn’t it a good deal if you can get all the flavors while able to also control the numbers of calories intake?

Verdict: PLEASE GIVE IT A TRY. It’ll worth your experience. THIS particular product of onion chips belongs and will belong on my recommendation shelf!

Note: There are a lot of veggie chips products out there in the market in Tokyo recently. Among all of them, this one is so far one of the top choices considered truly “healthy”. Don’t get fooled and read the label! 😉


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