LG21 Yogurt from Meiji(明治のLG21ヨーグルト)

Let’s continue with the probiotic yogurt theme….Also from Meiji, this time I wanna introduce “LG21” yogurt. Similar to the reason for the R-1 yogurt, LG21 is also a name of a bacteria blended in this yogurt, having a full long name as “Lactobacillus Gasseri OLL2716”. To explain simply, LG21 works against another type of bacteria that is said to be a cause of gastric cancer, thus it is said to reduce the cancer risk. From the info on its own website: http://www.meiji.co.jp/dairies/yogurt/lg21, this bacteria was especially picked out from the 2,500 other bacteria species in Meiji’s library.

Currently, Meiji distributes this product in 2 ways: normal supermarkets and combini and by online with delivery. There are special packaging (in green) for the latter. You would probably find 4 types of LG21 (the yogurt type): plain, non-sugar, low calorie, and non-fat with aloe added. For the drink type, you would find 3 variations: (plain, low sugar & low calorie, with-aloe). 

The plain yogurt type is not so sweet but gives a refreshing feeling, not so sticky, and doesn’t leave a tart taste in your mouth. The nonfat with aloe, on the other hand, gives me too-sweet after taste and I didn’t really care for the aloe jelly that much. It tastes good nonetheless. 


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