Zero-sugar konnyaku and okara noodle substitute : こんにゃくとおからで作った糖質0麺です!

I’ve been wanting to write about this newly found noodle for a while. I found this product in a supermarket called Suntoku in a konnyaku array. If you’re looking for a lower-calorie substitute for normal noodle, this is definitely your answer!! I’m so excited to be sharing this with you! 

Apart from the fact that it has ZERO sugar (omg!), it is only 30 kcal, incorporates 3% of okara powder (which is made from soy beans), and has 10.6 grams of FIBER! (and well 2.2 g, of protein as a bonus) 

It doesn’t have any sauce with it so you’ll have to make your own sauce from Tsuyu or just simply dress it up with some sesame salad dressing! I have tried it and LOVE IT! The texture is very smooth, easy to go through your throat. Also easy to eat with chopsticks although I’m so bad at using them haha

Here’s how it looks like! Look for it in your nearest supermarket!



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