Healthy food choices at Starbucks that won’t ruin your diet : ダイエット中におすすめ、スターバックスのヘルシーフード

This post is going to be about healthy food choices you can make if you happen to step into Starbucks in Japan. There are a lot of good-looking food out there in Starbucks and every time I go I have to spend sometimes thinking about what to best pair with my cappuccino. Here’re some good-for-your-body items I wanna recommend!

1. Seasonal item: 15 items Mexican Avocado salad wrap (サラダラップ 15品目 メキシカンアボカド)

サラダラップ 15品目 メキシカンアボカド

Energy: 297 kcal (below 300 kcal choice, perfect if you want to pair with a 100-smt kcal drink)
Why it’s good: apart from lots of veggies, it includes scrumptious creamy avocado sauce, edamame and kidney beans! This would leave vibrant aftertaste and avocado would make you feel satisfied.

2. Chicken and roots vegetable salad wrap (サラダラップ(根菜チキン))

サラダラップ (根菜チキン)

Energy: 155 kcal (lowest among sandwich type)
Why it’s good: this is the most long-lasting menu in Starbucks. It’s a no-brainer. Want something healthy? Just grab this and you’ll never be sorry. Did I say it’s really creamy? And trust me you’ll love the crunch from the walnuts!

3. Seasonal item: Chicken Caesar salad wrap (サラダラップ チキンシーザー)

サラダラップ チキンシーザー

Energy: 302 kcal
Why it’s good: You’ll get the creamy/tangy Caesar sauce together with loads of chicken for protein. At the bottom, you’ll find a surprise layer of boiled egg to finish your last bite.

4. Basil chicken and avocado-shrimp grain bread sandwich (グレインブレッド バジルチキン&アボカドシュリンプ)

グレインブレッド バジルチキン&アボカドシュリンプ

Energy: 340
Why it’s good: Looking for a satisfying sandwich for lunch? Just grab this! First, it’s better than plain white bread of those sandwiches in the combini. Second, it has avocado and shrimp – the most compatible pair of food, and who can say NO to avocado? Third, chicken would give you the protein and I just love its taste together with the basil sauce. It’s below 350 kcal so still a safer and healthier choice than other pastries! 

Now, don’t get lost in choosing muffins or cakes, try out some salad wraps and sandwich if you’re looking for a good healthy lunch while enjoying your favorite cup of Joe.

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