What is this blog about?

Of course, this is going to be ALL ABOUT FOOD IN TOKYO. (don’t worry….and a lot of cool stuffs too!)
To be honest, my idea of writing about food insights actually started in the form of thesis. I was thinking about a massive task of focused writing. However, it would be more fun and dynamic if I mix the contents with the newest trend and keep updating about whatever surfaces in the morning news. 

Who wouldn’t love Japanese food (or whatever out-of-the-box ideas of Japanese) anyway?

There are so much more than the so-called usual “Japanese” food like sushi and ramen when you actually “live” here in Tokyo. The city offers you so much and, as a foreigner, it is quite hard to find the food you feel comfortable to eat at first, especially if you are health-conscious. Here…I am going to provide you with fun information that will help you detect the food products on the shelves of any supermarket or convenience store nearby your home!

Check out regularly because the products here circulate really fast! Every month, you’ll be spotting a new drink product in the beverage area in the combini. It is actually so much fun to browse through the stores in Japan as you will witness the clever package design as well as food combination that you have never thought of before. (and…sometimes that deters you from even thinking of trying the product lol…I get suspicious when it sounds too weird)

Anyway, have fun browsing through information that would help you make the healthiest choice through the overwhelming Kanji labels!

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