BAKED KIT-KAT with new spins! 「焼きキットカット」の新食感!

Listen up Kit-kat lovers! You may already have heard – or have tried – the new innovation that Kit-Kat brought to the chocolate and snacks world: the toastable kit-kat. Just put them in the toaster (NOT the kind that bread is dropped vertically), and the surface will grill up a good smell.

That is already awesome for me! BUT Nestle Japan didn’t stop at that. Since January this year, it has launched a chocolate specialist store in the B1 floor of Seibu-Ikebukuro department store called “Kit-Kat chocolatory”. (Or I think that’s the English spelling) To prepare for this coming summer, it is about to launch a new menu – chocolate soft cream with baked Kit-Kat – from May 8th. Apart from cocoa power, the soft cream is to be made from original chocolate with more than 72% cocoa. The accompanying kit-kat would be the Pudding flavor which would give out the caramelized sensation once baked.

This new menu would be available everyday from 1 PM, only 300 units per day, priced at 600 yen.

「キットカット ショコラトリー」―夏季限定スイーツ「プレミアムソフト&焼きキットカット」販売


Not only soft cream, but the toastable Kit-Kat attracted another well-known chain cafe like WIRED CAFE, Napoli Pizza、Strawberry cones、Moriva coffee to create a collaborated menu!

From March to August, our Pudding-flavored Kit-Kat would be incorporated with mango as the topping of pizza at Napoli Pizza.

At WIRED CAFE, Pudding kit-kat is mixed with granola, fruits, cheese cake, and vanilla ice-cream to give rise to “baked Kit-Kat ‘cara-melted Sundae” from May.

From April to August, Pudding kit-kat with mango makes its place on the Strawberry cones’ dessert pizza special menu . It can be enjoyed cold as well as hot!

And only until this 10th of May that you could enjoy the Kit-Kat sundae, with softcream, crunchy kit-kit and anglaise sauce at Moriva coffee!

焼き キットカットサンデー~焼いておいしいプリン味~


100 spoons by Soup Stock Tokyo: 100本のスプーン

100 spoons by Soup Stock Tokyo: 100本のスプーン

Check out this new chain by Soup Stock Tokyo! 

Based on the recipes developed for the original brand, this new chain “100 spoons” was launched with a thought that this could be a new hangout place for the whole family. Soup Stock Tokyo is normally a go-to place for single ladies as they won’t feel weird eating alone at all here. For this new concept, though, the food is extended to a new level, featuring more expensive ingredients like lobster and good beef. The menus would still give you homemade and hearty dishes but the price might have to escalate a little. 

As of now, there is no shop in Tokyo, only in China, Yokohama, and the latest in Kanagawa.

100本のスプーン by Soup Stock Tokyo

500円の “吉野家ピザ” を食べてみた

Yoshinoya launched its new restaurant line..and guess what? It’s 500-yen pizza!!! Check out some photos and clips here!
For one person, 500 yen portion is probably one of the best deals that doesn’t come easily in Tokyo!


yoshinoya-pizza (5)

事前に公開されたピザの写真に、インターネット上では「クオリティが低そう」、「冷凍ピザにしか見えない」などと酷評されたが、実際はどうなのだろうか? 早速食べてみた

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“Ko-so cafe Biorise” at Ebisu, a new healthy-eat spot!! : 恵比寿の新健康スポット「コーソカフェ」!

After I watched a morning program called “Osama no Brunch” (王様のブランチ)and was introduced to this new hot spot for healthy eating called “Ko-so cafe”, I went and tried it myself the day after! Definitely an interesting restaurant with food that i have never tried before. Many interesting combination of salad, and many choices of healthy homemade dressings. I’m pretty impressed! 

It focuses on how to activate the enzymes in our body and make them work for the best of our health.

Find out more here:

Lunch set for 1000-1200 yen, not too bad for a fully healthy lunch! 🙂


The interior gives you a natural feeling with wood and green tone.



My lunch (1000 yen): colorful sprouts salad with soooo many more veggies underneath, spelt-flour (and many more healthy flour combination) pancakes and three kinds of salad dressings (not pictured – sorry!)


My friend’s lunch: pasta with all-kinds-of-NUTS, oil-based with herbs! It smells amazing too! (1200 yen)

Why not try it out! It’s only a few minutes walking from Ebisu! >__<


Must-try healthy Japanese menus at Ootoya! : 大戸屋の「絶対ヘルシー」メニュ!

Must-try healthy Japanese menus at Ootoya! : 大戸屋の「絶対ヘルシー」メニュ!

Okay, so if you have a chance to visit Ootoya (in case you don’t know where to go for a light and healthy dinner after you have a heavy lunch or sweets earlier in the day), try to find this page on the menu book. (near the back) Now that you’re in Japan, why not try something healthy in the Japanese style! I know some may look daunting to you and might raise your eyebrows about the taste. How are they gonna taste like? Don’t worry, though it might look unfamiliar to you, the way to eat is sooo easy.

Start with the top left: tofu, okra, natto (fermented soy beans), dry seaweed, grated yam and raw egg. To eat this, pour the shoyu (soy sauce) provided at the table into a little vessel that have a drop of wasabi (the green spicy stuff eaten with sashimi or sushi), and use chopsticks to mix just a bit of wasabi with the shoyu. Don’t mix the whole thing if you’re not good with the wasabi taste. Then pour it into the bowl, then mix it together. Don’t be afraid to break the tofu. It’s meant to be soft acting as a glue to hold all the ingredients together. Then use the spoon to scoop the mixture up. Try circling your spoon like a helicopter for a bit to cut the slime of the natto. Believe me, you belly will love you as the whole 247 kcal of that dish has all the glorious healthiest ingredients you want your body to have.

Similarly is the one below it called Bakudan. Basically, it has almost the same ingredients as the one above, except it doesn’t have tofu but instead have a few pieces of raw maguro (sashimi). Eat it the same way as above mentioned.

PS: These menus might be considered as side dishes but I would recommend those of you who really wanna go on a cleansing diet for a while to just pick item by item instead of going for a set. This way, you can cut the rice, and substitute it with sooo many more healthy side dishes. (just if you’re on a diet)

Sizzler at Shinjuku! シズラーのプレミアムサラダバー

Sizzler at Shinjuku! シズラーのプレミアムサラダバー

You guys might know Sizzler, a famous restaurant franchise! There are a few in Japan too. The one I just went is in Shinjuku. I would recommend you to go there on weekdays and order a 1,300-yen lunch set. You’ll get 2 plates and you can fill them with as much food as you can from the salad bar, which is full of tasty and healthy salads, fresh and nutritious veggies, and also different ingredients for DIY tacos! You can choose some bread and pasta as well. You can also get 2 cups of soup, 2 glasses of drinks, and a small cup for dessert! If you are in the mood to indulge in heaps of veggies, please go there and your belly will thank you soooo much! xxx Check out the link by clicking the photos!

PS: a great place for birthday party, girls talk sessions, hangout in the afternoon, reading-by-yourself place

2014-02-10 11.52.555 “great place!”

My favorite organic restaurant&cafe “From Hand to Mouth” : 「フロハン」というオーガニックのカフェ

Whenever I had to go back home for a couple of months, the place I missed the most is this cafe with a funny name “From Hand to Mouth”. In Japanese, this would be soooo long that people shorten it to “Fu-ro-ha-n” or 「フロハン」(for From Hand..).

It’s located a few steps away to Nishi-waseda bus stop (if going by Toei Bus 学02), just at the corner to the west gate of Waseda campus of Waseda University (Yes my own uni!). If you go at lunch time, you might find it hard to find places to sit sometimes as this is one of the most popular hang-out, chatting, afternoon-tea-ing, catch-up-with-old-friend, spending-quality-time-alone place of girls! I hang out here nights and days during my time in uni, brought sooo many friends, ate almost all the dishes on the menu. I went there so much that I am currently at my THIRD membership card. If you are a member, you’ll get 50 yen discount for lunch time and after you complete one line on the card, you either get discount or exchange with something on the menu.

Enough for the advertising (actually no, but I guess you guys want to know now what’s amazing about it), let us go see what food it offers! First up, Lunch….3 main menus. (all for 880 yen – 830 yen for members)
A. Soup lunch: a daily soup filled with veggies and good-for-you protein, a BIG heap of fresh salad and original olive oil dressing, freshly baked on the day bread (which is different daily) and scrambled eggs. Oops! I forgot a piece of fruit (either apple or orange). Can’t ask for more. HEALTHY. CHOICE!

B. Curry lunch: Behold, this is NOT the typical Japanese curry since this is filled with beans and veggies on top of brown rice (with a mix of seeds and different kinds of wheat). A little portion of mango chutney is also placed neatly on one corner. A piece of fruit has its own place to wrap up the meal. This is very suitable for those who are extremely hungry and want something filling but good and hearty for the stomach.

C. Crape lunch: Maybe the most popular of all menus. Made to order crape (buckwheat flour) with 2 different fillings (changed daily too), topped with creamy yogurt dressing and black pepper. One would be Japanese filling and the other is a bit more Western which would definitely incorporate CHEESE!! A big heap of salad!!! and a piece of fruit. Oh goshhh sooooo amazing!

I can’t begin to say…Lunches here are equally tasty and nutritious so it really depends on your mood on the day. The dinner time also has sooo many more menus. My favorite is “Locomoco-don”(ロコモコ丼)890 yen. Two burger pieces made with different kinds of wheat and seeds mixed with minced beef (1/4 of the burger) topped with sweet-sour-tangy sauce (which…I’m telling you…is extremely addictive) together with big heaps of salad and small half-done sunny side-up egg. Nothing will ever win over this dish. I even dreamed about it once. Lol I went there and ordered this menu so often that the owner (who I frequented with) already knew what I were to order. I also changed the menu a little bit by asking for less portion of rice and volume up the salad with balsamic dressing instead of the yogurt dressing.

Check it out here!

From Hand To Mouth


This is the Lunch set B: Crape lunch


And….as you can see the bottom left and top right are the curry set, the bottom right is the soup set.

Give this place a try!!! AND YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! EVER!
PS: it is closed on sundays.

Love it!