New Healthy Almond-milk Pudding!

I am a frequent investigator of convenience stores, especially Family Mart which seems to be everywhere: next to my apartment and in my office building. It has been long since I really found something sweet that I would crave but I spotted this milk pudding yesterday during hunting for my lunch at Famima. So yes, BOUGHT IT! Tried it too and I like it.

Why it’s good? 

1. So low in sugar!: only 3.3 g. which is about 77% less than the normal pudding in the market (I think it’s 77% sorry if I’m not precise)

2. Made from Almond milk: the flavor and smell is really nice and mild

3. Low calories: only 67 kcal! Could be a perfect little dessert after your meal! (totally guilt-free) Normal pudding would be about 120-150 kcal or more.

My opinion is that it’s really a good choice if you just look for something small to round up your meal. (or if you’re on a diet) But if you look for something more indulging and rich, full texture..this might not be for you.


Almond Breeze is here in Japan too! アーモンド・ブリーズ: スーパー・フードの食品

For those of you who are familiar with the brand Almond Breeze and are trying to find any almond milk in Japan, listen up! Almond breeze is also here in Japan, however, it is only sold in 200 ml package, which is also different from those sold in America I believe. It used to have only 4 flavors but recently the newest version – unsweetened – came out and is easily our winner due to its low calorie (only 30 kcal!!)



I have tried all variations and I can’t lie..all are soooo good!!! 

You might not find it in every convenience store but for the best price, go to Donki-Hote