BAKED KIT-KAT with new spins! 「焼きキットカット」の新食感!

Listen up Kit-kat lovers! You may already have heard – or have tried – the new innovation that Kit-Kat brought to the chocolate and snacks world: the toastable kit-kat. Just put them in the toaster (NOT the kind that bread is dropped vertically), and the surface will grill up a good smell.

That is already awesome for me! BUT Nestle Japan didn’t stop at that. Since January this year, it has launched a chocolate specialist store in the B1 floor of Seibu-Ikebukuro department store called “Kit-Kat chocolatory”. (Or I think that’s the English spelling) To prepare for this coming summer, it is about to launch a new menu – chocolate soft cream with baked Kit-Kat – from May 8th. Apart from cocoa power, the soft cream is to be made from original chocolate with more than 72% cocoa. The accompanying kit-kat would be the Pudding flavor which would give out the caramelized sensation once baked.

This new menu would be available everyday from 1 PM, only 300 units per day, priced at 600 yen.

「キットカット ショコラトリー」―夏季限定スイーツ「プレミアムソフト&焼きキットカット」販売


Not only soft cream, but the toastable Kit-Kat attracted another well-known chain cafe like WIRED CAFE, Napoli Pizza、Strawberry cones、Moriva coffee to create a collaborated menu!

From March to August, our Pudding-flavored Kit-Kat would be incorporated with mango as the topping of pizza at Napoli Pizza.

At WIRED CAFE, Pudding kit-kat is mixed with granola, fruits, cheese cake, and vanilla ice-cream to give rise to “baked Kit-Kat ‘cara-melted Sundae” from May.

From April to August, Pudding kit-kat with mango makes its place on the Strawberry cones’ dessert pizza special menu . It can be enjoyed cold as well as hot!

And only until this 10th of May that you could enjoy the Kit-Kat sundae, with softcream, crunchy kit-kit and anglaise sauce at Moriva coffee!

焼き キットカットサンデー~焼いておいしいプリン味~