Dates Milk?? Spot at Lawson : ローソンでデーツミルクを見つけた!

Upon my morning walk (and a short break at Lawson), I found this!!


Arabian Dates milk? This is a product from Tanashi, a major milk manufacturer. It includes 25% of dates juice and loads of Potassium! I have NOT tasted this though. A bit unsure if I would like it. haha

IMG_0228 IMG_0229

The whole cup is about 128 kcal, 3.8 g. of protein, 2.3 g. of fat, and 23 g. of carbs. The boost here is the 600 mg. of Potassium, which is 1/3 of its daily needs.  

Anyone tried this? Tell me how it’s like!!
PS: I found this lady who tasted it and she said it’s mildly sweet. 🙂

Lawson launched “Quinoa and orange bran bread”! : ローソン 実りベーカリー 健 キヌア&オレンジのブラン

Finally!!! After waiting for so long, Lawson’s “Minori Bakery” – a healthy bakery line – has launched a new product this April. The bread is made from quinoa, orange, and bran as the name suggested. One package contains 2 buns with 61 kcal each. The good thing about this healthy bakery line is that it controls the sugar level so that it would be suitable for those who wants to watch the carbs intake. One piece of this bun only has 5.5 grams of sugar!!


looking cute and yummy…i’m gonna go out and try it for myself real soon!!