BAKED KIT-KAT with new spins! 「焼きキットカット」の新食感!

Listen up Kit-kat lovers! You may already have heard – or have tried – the new innovation that Kit-Kat brought to the chocolate and snacks world: the toastable kit-kat. Just put them in the toaster (NOT the kind that bread is dropped vertically), and the surface will grill up a good smell.

That is already awesome for me! BUT Nestle Japan didn’t stop at that. Since January this year, it has launched a chocolate specialist store in the B1 floor of Seibu-Ikebukuro department store called “Kit-Kat chocolatory”. (Or I think that’s the English spelling) To prepare for this coming summer, it is about to launch a new menu – chocolate soft cream with baked Kit-Kat – from May 8th. Apart from cocoa power, the soft cream is to be made from original chocolate with more than 72% cocoa. The accompanying kit-kat would be the Pudding flavor which would give out the caramelized sensation once baked.

This new menu would be available everyday from 1 PM, only 300 units per day, priced at 600 yen.

「キットカット ショコラトリー」―夏季限定スイーツ「プレミアムソフト&焼きキットカット」販売


Not only soft cream, but the toastable Kit-Kat attracted another well-known chain cafe like WIRED CAFE, Napoli Pizza、Strawberry cones、Moriva coffee to create a collaborated menu!

From March to August, our Pudding-flavored Kit-Kat would be incorporated with mango as the topping of pizza at Napoli Pizza.

At WIRED CAFE, Pudding kit-kat is mixed with granola, fruits, cheese cake, and vanilla ice-cream to give rise to “baked Kit-Kat ‘cara-melted Sundae” from May.

From April to August, Pudding kit-kat with mango makes its place on the Strawberry cones’ dessert pizza special menu . It can be enjoyed cold as well as hot!

And only until this 10th of May that you could enjoy the Kit-Kat sundae, with softcream, crunchy kit-kit and anglaise sauce at Moriva coffee!

焼き キットカットサンデー~焼いておいしいプリン味~


New Soyjoy!! Chocolate and almonds! MUST TRY! : ソイジョイの新発売!チョコレート・アーモンド

Soy joy just launched a new flavor – chocolate and almond – anddddd I just couldn’t resist it so I tried it T_T

Guess’s so good that I have to blog about it! With 146 kcal, 5.4 g. of protein, 9.9 g. of fat, and 7.1 g. of carbs, I personally wouldn’t think of this product as my first choice for afternoon snack. However, I loveeee nipping it all day, meaning breaking it to 4 portions and nip one at a time. I sip small cup of hot tea or hot coffee with it along with lots of water as my afternoon office treat. Especially on my way home from work, the chocolate chips chunks and almonds just make my evening LOADSSS BETTER! It would make you happy 🙂

Just be sure to keep the portion in check. You won’t wanna have this before a big meal…At least that’s what I’m doing. I would opt for a lighter alternative if I wanna indulge in the whole thing in one serving.

VERDICT: a good source of protein with less than 150 kcal. Not a bad deal for snacking/nipping. At least it’s better than eating chocolate or biscuits or potato chips. MUST TRY!



Philadelphia chocolate cream cheese spotted! フィラデルフィア チョコレート クリームチーズ


I found this Philadelphia cream cheese in chocolate variation at Peacock supermarket, Daikanyama branch! Haven’t tried it but would love to! If you have tried it, tell me how you like it 😀

Check the supermarket here:

Newly Opened!「MAX BRENNER CHOCOLATE BAR」at Omotesando Hills! 表参道ヒルズにオープンしたの「マックスブレナー・チョコレート・バー」

Just open in November last year, Max Brenner flied over to Omotesando Hills all the way from Israel, introducing Tokyo to a new way of enjoying chocolate. Haven’t you heard? Now we eat chocolate on Pizza!! 

Chocolate Chunk Pizza

I saw this on the news this morning and think if any of you is a chocolate addict, then you really really shouldn’t miss this! Using pizza dough as a base, sprinkle some milk chocolate on top, pass it under hot oven til the chocolate melts, then sprinkle with white chocolate and LOADS of mashmellow, pass the whole architecture under the hot oven again to grill the soft white clouds to perfection. Anddddddd…..YES! you have your own “chocolate chunk pizza!” (or maybe you should bring a couple of friends over lol)

Another interesting chocolate treat that I’ve never seen before is this: Chocolate syringe!? 「チョコレートシリンジ」(500円) This is totally a dream come true for children! Think about being able to shoot all that sweet stuff directly into your mouth!

Check out its website here:

I found this brand very interesting after reading more into it. It has a very unique principle and business point of view. Max Brenner aims to liberate ways of eating and enjoying chocolate by lifting any boundary of traditional way of thinking about it. There are 4 ethos (written on their website but I’m just gonna give some shortcut here): 

  1. Chocolate Without Boundaries (チョコレートには国境も形式もない)
  2. Enjoy to The Max(チョコレートを最高に楽しもう!)
  3. Chocolate is Good for You(チョコレートは心にも⾝体にもうれしいもの)
  4. Itʼs Simple…All You Have To Do is Love Chocolate(シンプルにチョコレートを愛して)

Really interesting way of differentiating itself from other chocolate specialist shops! Of course, apart from the chocolate pizza and chocolate syringe I introduced above, there are more fun menus waiting for you chocolate lovers at the shop! (like chocolate fondue?? ;P)

Don’t hesitate to post some comments if you have gone there!