Crispy Sardines “Koiwashi” : パリパリこいわし

Another best finding for afternoon snacks!! I went to Donki-hote the other day, and I checked out the alcohol snacks food section. Among many other common snacks like beef jerky, soft squid, and nuts that I introduced before, I found this crispy and spicy small sardines that fit the ideal requirement of a nutritious and healthy snack! — Pari pari Koiwashi. (Iwashi is sardine and ko- is small)


I’m sorry for the photo lol I took this after finishing the whole bag. So here’s why I love this snack!

– it’s non-fried but so crispy! That’s why it’s only 1.7 grams of fat
– It’s low in carbs! only 1.1 grams
– low calories and high protein..78 kcal with a whole lot of 14.7 grams of fiber!!! That’s even more than a whole pack of tofu >< What a great way to increase your daily protein intake!
– Bones are also incorporated so, no doubt, it’s high in calcium! 

Hands down! This snack will provide you with loadssss of protein and calcium easily. Did I mention how crunchy and scrumptious it is!? Try to find this in the alcohol (beer, wine, sake, etc.) section in Donki-hote (ドンキ・ホーテ), which is usually separated as its own section. The snacks that are eaten together with them are usually sold together. 😀