THAILAND EDITION> Healthy snacks in Bangkok: バンコクのコンビニでのヘルシースナッグ

I know I haven’t update my posts for a (long) while. It is because I’m back to Bangkok for a while! And….because of my love for combini discovery is very persistent, I roamed into Seven-eleven in Bangkok to figure out how much snacks industry in Thailand has developed. The result: I was fairly impressed with the products though the variety isn’t much many as in Japan (dah!).

Most snacks I spotted are crispy and packed in small packages, which is a new trend of snacks I saw lately. Before, snacks were sold in relatively larger package, meant to be shared among friends. I’m gonna show you 3 snacks that I found very tasty as well as reflect Thai flavors.

1. Entree’s “Crispy roasted pork” 
Very crispy and good combination to go with drinks. Only 45 kcal per package (14 g.), 5 g. of sugar, 5 g. of protein, and NO FAT. Note that there are 10 mg. of cholesterol though. 🙂Image





2. Sanaku.
Meant to mimic the word Sunaggu (スナッグ) in Japanese, this snack is made with anchovy fish, so flavorful with salty flavor. I can guarantee the crispiness!! Nutritional label: 150 kcal, 10g. of fat, 14 g. of protein, and NO SUGAR


3. Chao Le’s crispy white-scaled fish in Larb flavor (just as written on the package).
If you’re a fan of spicy Thai salad dish called Larb then you might like this as well. Nutritional label: 130 kcal, 5 g. of fat, 12 g. of protein, and 5 g. of sugar.



Now…if you happened to be travelling in Bangkok and feel like crunching something in the hot afternoon (as often I do) then try find these alternatives to potato chips in any convenience stores near your stay!

Have fun snacking healthy!