Crispy Seaweed snack (パリパリごまわかめ)

As a continuous post in the theme of “chips”, this time I would like to recommend this product: “Paripari goma-wakame” or “crispy sesame-seaweed”.

As you can see from the package, it’s ONLY 70 kcal! (and about 3-4 grams of fat)
The “crispy” factor? I give it 100%.
The “flavor” factor?…its balanced saltiness would make you forget it is actually seaweed.
The “texture” factor?…The sesame seeds give it an interesting texture..each piece is thin yet airy with several layers…can’t stop munching and hearing the sound!

photos from the courtesy of this blog:

Where to buy it? Easy, go to Lawson or Natural Lawson (the healthy store brand of Lawson), some of the “it’s demo” shops (which I’ll blog about later), or some other stores that sell beauty and health related products such as “Ranking-ranqueen”.

Verdict: GIVE IT A TRY! With 100-something yen, you’ll have the perfect afternoon crunch! Trust me, it’ll become your go-to snack just like it became mine! 😉