Kazeri yogurt from Yukirushi (Snow brand) Megmilk (雪印メグミルクのカゼリヨーグルト)


Anddddd THIS! is my FAVORITE yogurt at the moment! I’m proud to present this “Kazeri” yogurt from Megmilk. Normally, I don’t really buy products from this brand, but this yogurt is REALLY the BEST choice for me as of now. I’m focusing on getting the most value out of the least calorie and this yogurt delivers just that! For the whole 100 grams, it is just 35 kcal, 3.7 g. of protein, no fat, and 4.9 g. of carbs. I cannot opt for a better choice. I was kind surprise actually that with the weight of 100 grams, it is the LOWEST in calories right now in the market.

The taste is not too sweet. The texture is very very soft and silky, super suitable to blend in with milk or your oatmeal in the morning as it doesn’t cause any lumps while stirring; it would blend in right away! And this point actually makes me give it a high score for the evaluation.

Also, because it’s only 35 kcal, I feel more free to add more nuts and honey so I can get the goodies in the same breakfast bowl. 🙂

There are 2 variations for the yogurt type: plain and with aloe added. (I don’t know why Japanese people love to eat this aloe jelly thingy lol). There is also a drink type.

Now, what is “Kazeri”? Its real name is Lactobacillus gasseri. The part that is of interest here is the strain SP of this gasseri bacteria because it is said to help REDUCE body fat. Normally, Bifidobacteria is more famous when it comes to yogurt, but recently, gasseri has been introduced to Japanese market and has become a big hit. Both of them help improve our intestinal environment; the difference is that Bifidobacteria works in the large intestine while Gasseri works in the small intestine. The latter can stay up in our body for more than 90 days!

According to a beauty blog I found, there is an interesting experiment that divides respondents into 2 groups: one taking yogurt WITH gasseri and the other group WITHOUT gasseri. They ate the yogurt twice a day for 12 weeks. The result is that the former group saw a decrease of  4.6% in their belly fat, and 3.3% for the under-skin fat. (Please don’t mind my non-scientific terms lol) Anyway, the point is that this yogurt is made known as a helper to reduce your body fat.

You can find this in most convenience stores although I would say it is NOT that widespread as some other yogurts. I found it in Family Mart most of the times.

Please check it out at your nearby supermarket and whichever combini you pass by! 🙂


source: http://blog.goo.ne.jp/a12o/e/94a838d1cb4af1e92e53f7f9554d80d1