Latest healthy drinks updates! (Review) : 新発売のヘルシー飲料のアップデート!

I know it’s been long since my last updates, so here I am, bringing you with two new healthy drinks I spotted during the past few weeks! I really want you guys to give them a try!

1. Calpis Oasis Sparkling water. Maybe you have seen the normal “Oasis” drink from Calpis, which is by the way MY FAVORITE DRINK ADDICTION OF ALL TIME. It’s ZERO CALORIE, sweet and refreshing and includes some good nutrients (though you can’t say it’s a nutrition drink). I’ve been in love with the normal version for a period of time every year. Calpis decides for some reason to keep changing its packaging every year and only sells this drink for about 3-4 months a year only. I enjoyed this drink from April til about last month and now it’s pulled out of most combini. You can kinda see it in only specific branches of specific supermarkets. (eg. Seijo-ishii of Roppongi Hills branch) The below drink is of the same Oasis drink but is made into the sparkling water version. I spotted it in a supermarket “Gourmet City” nearby my house. I didn’t hesitate and grabbed it in a second. Do you know that right now in Japan sparkling water is a BIG HIT. Almost all bottled water products have two versions: normal and sparkling. It’s like if you don’t launch the sparkling water version, your brand sucks kinda feeling. lol It’s really overwhelming. (I didn’t mind so much for the sparkling cuz it causes me gas.) Personally, I prefer the normal Oasis better than this sparkling one. Nonetheless, for those of you who can tolerate carbonated drinks, please give this a try if you see one! IMG_6426   2. Healthya’s “Walk” drink in Ume (Japanese plum) flavor. I think I introduced this in my past post. (Burn your body with Catechin) That time, this “Walk” drink was only launched in grapefruit flavor. Recently, however, I spotted this drink – now in ume flavor and green color – in a drugstore near my station (Takadanobaba). I tried it and I think it’s refreshing and easier to drink than the grapefruit one! It includes catechin, abundantly found in green tea, that helps activate your metabolism. If you know you’re gonna be doing a lot of walking (like a long shopping day) you might give your body some extra burning! (only 19 kcal per bottle so it’s safe!) IMG_6409 This is it for my healthy drinks upates! Actually there are a lot more products that I want to show you guys. Will keep on posting!

New flavors from Kikkoman Kibun Soymilk!! 紀文 豆乳飲料に「健康コーラ」味が登場 -“爽快な喉ごし”

New flavors from Kikkoman Kibun Soymilk!! 紀文 豆乳飲料に「健康コーラ」味が登場 -“爽快な喉ごし”

Most of you guys who frequent convenience stores might have seen the soy milk series by this brand before, right? Kikkoman owns this brand called Kibun, whose one of the popular products is soy milk. In a year, they keep releasing different flavors that correspond to the particular season or what is eaten in a particular national occasion. This year, on MARCH 3rd, it is scheduled to release 2 new flavors!

First is the Pear soy milk. Refreshing, sweet, and aromatic, it might be a good way to prepare yourself into the coming spring-summer. With 126 kcal per unit (200 ml), the Pear soy milk also includes 3.6 grams of fiber!, to be sold at 98 yen at retail price.

Second flavor, which I found very interesting, is the “healthy cola”. See? the name seems to be contradicting in itself! How can a cola be healthy? (If it’s not Coke zero lol). The idea is that cola gives a sense of freshness suitable for summer. You can grab this relaxing carton once coming out from Ofuro or finishing a soccer game. One unit (200ml) is ONLY 46 KCAL!!!! PLUS an impressive amount of fiber of 6.2 grams!!!! Keep an eye on this product once launched in March for 98 yen because it will only be around until September!! What???? Why low-cal products are so short-lived on the shelf. T__T

Let’s give it a try, shall we?? 😉